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minahasa and lokon sunrise and mahawu volcano tour 19 september 2013 guided lucy from malasya

lucy ng on lokon volcano
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sunrise on lokon sun rise from beetween klabat dorman vocano and the normal active mahawu volcano.
pnto lokon volcano before sunset
photo lokon after sunrise
linow volcano lake abd backside top of lokon volcano

lokon sunrise and mahawu volcano sunset tour
and thebest of minahasa higland tour visited kali waterfall,tohon market.minahasa traditonal wooden house industry in woloan,linow volcano lake,tondalake 19 september. 2013.

sky light  onlkon volcano

sunrise on lokon volcano

kali waterfall

linow volcano lake

on tondano lake

on the top of mahawu volcano

guide jotje lala and lucy on the poin for on the top of mahawu folcano

mahawu crater wth lucy

lokon volcabo from mahawu volcan

lokon volcano
we start 4oclok  early morniing  4 colock early in the morning and fished in 7 aclock in the night
lucy stay in manado from for 2 night aba pick her in jhoany hotel she said this is nice this hotel in the ring of tomohon to therminal of tomohon.if  you stay in this need to tour of lokbn volcano and eplore the minahasa highland and tang nature reserve tour i am reay for you. i do not what hotel and resort in tomohon.
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mobile phone :+62 81340310671.
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