Minggu, 02 Agustus 2015

lokon volcano hiking tour guided mr sebastian from holland

guide jotje lala.http://adventurevolcanoes.blogspot.com

mr sebastian
this lave stone from eruption of lokon 24 october 1991 become toms of viviane clavel from lousane swiszerland

lokon volcano hiking tour 1st agustus 2015
guide jotje lala guided mr sebastian from netherland.sstart from highland resort.
the birds we have seen heared sombre pigeon,alots mountain birds and crimson sunbirds,
songbirds and other birds.
if you like to this tour you can contact me or travel agent or the hoTel you are staying.

GUIDE JOTJE LALA.http://volcanoesguide.blogspot.com
email :guidejotjelala@gmail.com