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sulawesi volcanoes and birdwatching guide jotje lala

vulkan lokon.http://vulkanlokonundsoputan.blogspot.com
lokon volcano and mahawu volcano tour 1 november 2013 in this photos matheos from germany.http://volcanoguide.blogspot.com
blue face bird you can see in tambun dumogabone national park

birdwatchingmap are bolaang mongodow home of dumaga bone national park and ambang nature.in this you will see in map 6 purple bee eter this is real endemic sulawesi where find in area before you see in mahawu volcano. minahasa highland this bird was target of mr bernad and yolanda from germany and every is ok we ve the picture about this bird.and flmmin kites  sorry  i am as birdwatching guide.in the map 8 is tambun as part of dumoga bone national park. in this place is not only to see maleo but you can see also silver imperilal pigeon birds,wood pecker,black nape pita bird,white myna,sulawesi crestet dronggo,blue face bird[honeyeater] red back thrust,black nape oriolle bird sulawesi scoup owel, and others birds.we stay i night in tambun and 3 times we have been in the forest and it was nice because we just walk for 5 minute to see maleo and other birds

sulawesi birdwatching and volcanoes guide.

satanic nitjar bird

explore sulawesi birds in lokon volcanoes trek,soputan volcanotrek,and mahawu volcano trek.
where you cxan watch and make photos eazily.what target birds you want tosee.
yes we can do also birding in tangkoko nature reserve and dumoga bone national park and around ambang volcano and nature reserve.

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north sulawesi tangkoko and lokon volcano sunrise adventure tour

sulawesi tangkoko nature reserve and lokon volcano adventure tour 13-14-0ctotober 2013
indonesia volcano map

lokon crater

guide jotje lala in lokom crater 14 0ctober 2013

guide jotje lala guded mr paul from england.

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mahawu volcano ,soputan ,lokon and dumoga bone birding and minahasa highland birds explore tour

mahawu volcano birding and minahasa higland birdinng explore tour
start from pulisan jungle resort 5 october 7 october 2013
obout birds photos are copy from his camera by my mobile camera yes onlly data wha have seen.
this the target birdwatching of bernart and yolanda from germany.

rare sombre pigeon on the to of mahawu volcano

making pickture about sombre pigean ,rufous fly catcher,and re color of sun bird of the top of mahawu volcano

guide jotje lala guided acouple from germany yoland with her husband
on the way from pulisant we made photos of black and white of king fishers bird
alots of heron
lahendong are alots of wild ducks
onthe way from kayawu to taratara blck nape oriolle,yellow crested malkoa and new species of sunbird.
tomorow we climb soputan volcano and to see pickture plants[neoplantes]

sopatan volcano first crater

 birds ha photos pigeon dove,citrunella fly cather bird,fly catcher and birds we have seen black pigeon,green pigeon ,myna,kingfisher,alots of bubuls and picture of fruits bats have seen 10 fruits bats was flying.
so soputan volcano is not only volcano interesting but birds also.rufous-troated flyccher

enjoy flamming kite on te road from singsingon  to kota mobagu where made picture  abouut purple be eater

tabun dumoga national wherre me made picture about maleo birds,black nape oriolle,green back king fisher,wood pecker and others birds

wood pecker bird in tambun

dranggon on the way from from kota mogu to dumoga bone national prk
maleo egg in the hand of guide jotje lala

king fisher bird on the way from kotamobagu to dumoga bone

egret catle
in tambun for maleo

maleo bird in tambun from camera mar bernath

explore purple bee eater

kingfisher in the camera of mr bernath

dove bird


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kingfidher in the camera of mr bernath

this is purple bee eter as target in the camera of mar bernath

purple bee eater

maleo in tambun as atarget

imperial pigeon

green back pigeon in tambun
white nape myna in tambun

after we explore about dumoga bone nationalpark and before we do birding in other side of lokon volcano and drive to dumoga bone nationalpark.via tanawangkoko we cross lemo and agotey and go out tately pass koko village we made picture about black pigeon but not so nice ,nice phtos about citrnela fly catcher,yelow chrested malcoa and sulawesi dronggo birds and otherbird
after back to tomohon
for lokon volcano and birding tourmhttp://lokonvolcanoadventuretour.blogspot.com

this is sulawesi birds you can see with cuide jotje lala.

im north sulawesi indonesia