Senin, 30 September 2013

sulawesi guide jotje lala guided party rinia van polanen

guide jotje lala.
sulawesi guide jotje lala.

enjoy udang logster in tondano.

panorama rice field onthe way to woloan village or 1 and half km from guide jotje lala vilage.

diner time

guided party van rinia van polanen from holland and surriname.
tour organize
pick from tangkoko dove villas,travel minahasa higland and visit minahasa tombs[wruga in sawangan] lunch udang lobster in tondano,visit tondano lake,potery village in pulutan minahasa,linow volcano lake via geotermal,woloan vilage for traditional minahasa house,mahawu volcano trekking,tomohon market hot spring in langowan under the feet of soputan volcano,tincep water fall and the ricefield,diner in lokal people of minahasa 26-27 september under guide by guide jotje lala.
car apv.

Selasa, 24 September 2013