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sulawesi volcanoes and birdwatching guide jotje lala

vulkan lokon.http://vulkanlokonundsoputan.blogspot.com
lokon volcano and mahawu volcano tour 1 november 2013 in this photos matheos from germany.http://volcanoguide.blogspot.com
blue face bird you can see in tambun dumogabone national park

birdwatchingmap are bolaang mongodow home of dumaga bone national park and ambang nature.in this you will see in map 6 purple bee eter this is real endemic sulawesi where find in area before you see in mahawu volcano. minahasa highland this bird was target of mr bernad and yolanda from germany and every is ok we ve the picture about this bird.and flmmin kites  sorry  i am as birdwatching guide.in the map 8 is tambun as part of dumoga bone national park. in this place is not only to see maleo but you can see also silver imperilal pigeon birds,wood pecker,black nape pita bird,white myna,sulawesi crestet dronggo,blue face bird[honeyeater] red back thrust,black nape oriolle bird sulawesi scoup owel, and others birds.we stay i night in tambun and 3 times we have been in the forest and it was nice because we just walk for 5 minute to see maleo and other birds

sulawesi birdwatching and volcanoes guide.

satanic nitjar bird

explore sulawesi birds in lokon volcanoes trek,soputan volcanotrek,and mahawu volcano trek.
where you cxan watch and make photos eazily.what target birds you want tosee.
yes we can do also birding in tangkoko nature reserve and dumoga bone national park and around ambang volcano and nature reserve.

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